GCTU Mourns Over Death of Pekka Aro
9 April 2003

The GCTU sent a message of sympathy to the ILO and SAK of Finland morning over the tragic death of Bro Pekka Aro who passed away of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) while on his mission to Beijing.

We were shocked to learn of the premature demise of our dear friend Pekka Aro, - the message reads. - The ILO and the trade union movement has lost a devoted champion of social justice and workers' rights.

We had known Pekka for a long time as a good colleague who spared no efforts to promote the ideas of understanding, solidarity, friendship, and better life for workers. He was held in high esteem in the trade union community of the Soviet Union and, later, of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and left many vivid memories behind.

Pekka's death is a personal loss for his friends here who were privileged and honoured to meet and work with him over the many years. We will always remember him.

At this tragic moment, please convey our condolences and deepest sympathy to the International Labour Office and Pekka's relatives and friends.