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in connection with the International Women's Day
8 March 2004

The General Confederation of Trade Unions congratulates all women in the CIS countries on the International Women's Day observed on the 8th of March.

On this day, proclaimed as a day of struggle for women's political and socio-economic equality, we pay special tribute to the working women. We duly appreciate the tremendous burden they have to shoulder as they earn their living, make a significant contribution to societal development, and bring up their children.

We rate highly women's active participation in making our trade union movement stronger. By joining the unions and getting involved in the life of their workplace collectives, women contribute outstandingly to the struggles for their rights and social and economic interests, which helps promote women's status in society and enhance the role they play in their countries.

The trade unions are determined to continue fighting for broader rights and opportunities for women, which they regard as part and parcel of their struggle against poverty and destitution. The General Confederation of Trade Unions will further work for achieving genuine gender equality, for eliminating any forms of discrimination against women, and for implementing, on the CIS expanse, all international instruments and programmes aiming to improve women's situation.

Let you contribution to the development of our states and peoples, dear Sisters, bring welfare to your families and luck to your nearest and dearest. Let Providence reward you with kindness and love for your charm, natural generosity and purposefulness.

We wish you good health, good fortune, fulfillment of all your hopes, and a great success in all your undertakings.

Vladimir Scherbakov
President, GCTU