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Participants in the 24th Congress
of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour
Nicosia, Cyprus
Moscow, March 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of its member organisations in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the General Confederation of Trade Unions, GCTU, extends its fraternal greetings to participants in the 24th Congress of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour.

Throughout its long and proud history, PEO has been demonstrating a vivid example of a persistent and successful struggle for the interests of Cyprus' workers and better living and working conditions. The active and consistent policy of your Federation aimed at securing united action by Cyprian workers and trade unions in the name of national consolidation has won PEO well- deserved respect and high prestige, both nationally and internationally.

This Congress of yours convenes on the eve of Cyprus' accession to the European Union. We are confident its results will help efficient protection of workers' socio-economic rights in the novel situation resulting from your country's direct participation in the European integration process, facilitate the solution of problems facing trade unions in a globalising world, enhance PEO's position in the world trade union community, and promote the unity of the international trade union movement.

We reiterate our firm solidarity with the struggle waged by trade unions and all progressive forces of your country for the reunification of the two ethnic communities in a single and integral state, the Republic of Cyprus.

May we assure you, dear Brothers and Sisters, that the GCTU and its affiliates will do their utmost to further develop their fraternal cooperation with the Pancyprian Federation of Labour in the interests of workers in our states, for the cause of peace and social progress.

We wish you a successful congress.

General Confederation of Trade Unions