Participants in the International
Conference for Solidarity with
the Workers and People of Palestine
Ankara, Turkey

21 November 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Speaking for its affiliates, the national trade union centres in CIS countries and the industrial Trade Union Internationals of the region, the General Confederation of Trade Unions (GCTU) extends its fraternal greetings and wishes of successful work to all participants in the International Conference for Solidarity with the Workers and People of Palestine.

Both the GCTU and its member-organisations have always been advocating a fair settlement of the Palestine problem based on the well-known resolutions by the UN Security Council demanding liberation of all occupied Arab territories. The persisting military tensions and armed provocations against the Palestine Autonomy inflict new casualties on the peaceful population, destroy civilian objects, cause enormous material damage, and further aggravate the situation in the Middle East region.

We are firmly convinced that no settlement of the Middle East problem can be achieved without the establishment of a completely independent Palestinian state, without the just aspirations of the Palestinian people including its legitimate right to self-determination being met, without all kinds of violence being stopped and political dialogue being restored.

Together with the international trade union movement and, in particular, with the trade union centres of the Arab region, the GCTU intends to further contribute towards the protection of the Palestinian people interests, realisation of its right to independent development, and safeguarding peace and security in the Middle East.

We wish participants in the Conference all success in their efforts to strengthen the movement of solidarity with the just struggle of Palestines workers and people in order to reach a peaceful Arab-Israeli settlement.

General Confederation of Trade Unions

21 November 2005