Havana, Cuba, 14 December 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The General Confederation of Trade Unions, GCTU, affiliating national trade union centres in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the industrial Trade Union Internationals of the CIS region, extends fraternal greetings and wishes of great success to all participants in the 15th World Trade Union Congress.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, which has recently marked its 60th Anniversary, has made a remarkable contribution to the common struggle waged by trade unions of the planet in defence of workers rights and interests, acting as a consistent champion of social justice, sustainable development, peace, and democracy throughout the world. Even today it remains in the front line of struggles against the negative consequences of globalisation for workers, against the dominance of transnational capital, against world poverty and violations of trade union rights and freedoms.

Nowadays, against the background of a rapidly advancing globalisation, increasingly uncontrolled activities by TNCs and the international financial and trade institutions, and a widening gap between rich and poor countries, peoples and individuals, the challenge of joining the efforts of the entire international trade union movement acquires particular importance. Only unity based on equality and mutual respect can enable the worlds trade unions to protect workers more effectively, and retain and enhance their influence on world developments. We are confident your Congress will make a worthy contribution towards this end.

The General Confederation of Trade Unions is in solidarity with the aims and objectives defined by your Congress, first of all with the necessity to step up the struggle for social progress, full employment, and decent wages, for the elimination of the extortionate system of external debts and the establishment of an equitable economic order, for peace, for stronger sovereignty and self-determination of all the peoples and countries, and against poverty, unemployment and infringement on workers and trade unions rights. We fully agree with the slogan as put forward in the Congress documents: A Better World is Possible!

We wish you a successful Congress.

General Confederation of Trade Unions

December 2005