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Statement by FPU
17 November 2008

On Sunday 16 November 2008, in most regions of Ukraine there were attempts to seize and retain the buildings of the regional trade union associations affiliated with the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, FPU, and of the Trade Union House in Kyiv. In seizing the offices, assailants broke the entrance doors and equipment.

Attempts were made to organize meetings of unauthorized persons in the trade union offices, with the aim of substituting their decisions for the decisions taken by the statutory trade union bodies on the eve of the 6th FPU Congress.

The main purpose of such undisguised raider actions is to destabilize the work of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine and its affiliates, and to remove the legitimately elected trade union bodies and their leaders.

Trade union officers, together with law enforcement bodies, have intervened in time, taken the situation under control, and restored the proper order.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine expresses its deep indignation at these illegal actions and considers them extremely dangerous for the stability of Ukrainian society.

The FPU calls on the President, Prosecutor-General, and Prime Minister of Ukraine to react to this brutal violation of trade unions’ legal rights, and protect them from illicit forced seizure.

FPU Press Service