Nicosia, Cyprus
18 November 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of its member-organisations, the General Confederation of Trade Unions (GCTU) extends its fraternal greetings to participants in the 25th Congress of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour and wishes them fruitful work.

The Cyprian workers and trade unions, as all their counterparts throughout the world, are presently faced up with newly emerged problems that have already become global, in particular, with the consequences of the current financial crisis. The new challenges require that the world trade union community take dynamic and solidarity-based actions to protect workers rights and interests, secure full employment and reject any attempts to overcome the economic difficulties at workers expense.

We rate highly and respect PEOs glorious history, its persistent efforts to secure decent work and decent living standards for Cyprian workers, and its contribution towards unity of the national and the international trade union movements. We are confident that the decisions of this PEO Congress will help develop an effective policy that would make it possible to save and augment Cyprian workers achievements, cope with new problems, and strengthen the Federations position in society.

We reiterate our unswerving solidarity with the struggle waged by trade unions and all progressive forces of your country for the restoration of an independent and integral state, the Republic of Cyprus.

May we assure you, dear Brothers and Sisters, that the GCTU and its member-organisations will do their utmost to promote fraternal cooperation with the Pancyprian Federation of Labour in the interests of workers in our countries.

We wish you a successful congress.

General Confederation of Trade Unions