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Director-General of the ILO
Geneva, Switzerland
Moscow, 20 November 2008

Mr Director-General,

Speaking for the General Confederation of Trade Unions (GCTU) affiliating national trade union centres in CIS countries and 32 industrial Trade Union Internationals of the region may I send you my heartfelt congratulations on your re-election to the high post of Director-General of the International Labour Office.

It is our strong conviction that in the conditions of the present-day world financial and economic crisis the role to be played by the International Labour Organisation is as crucial as never before, for it is the only world agency with a tripartite structure and, by virtue of this, is capable of making its own, special contribution to the solution of problems arising today before all countries on this planet. We agree fully with your evaluations and proposals concerning the ways to overcome eventual unfavourable social consequences of the crisis, such as rising unemployment, reduced purchasing values of wages, pensions, scholarships and other social allowances, aggravation of relations on the labour market, etc.

The GCTU, as an organisation enjoying permanent regional status with the ILO, has been constantly supporting the activity of the International Labour Organisation and helping it to strengthen its positions in the CIS countries. We conduct permanent monitoring of the ratification and implementation of the core ILO conventions by the Commonwealth countries, and are ready to promote further development and strengthening of ILO’s standard-setting activity.

May I sincerely wish you all success in this important and arduous office of ILO Director-General and assure you that in your further activity you can always rely on unwavering support from our Confederation in your efforts to strengthen the International Labour Organisation, realize its high ideals and secure universal implementation of the Decent Work Agenda in the CIS countries and elsewhere in the world.

Yours sincerely,

Vladimir Scherbakov, General Secretary, GCTU