20 April 2009

On the eve of the International Day of Workers Solidarity, the 1st of May, the Council of the General Confederation of Trade Unions calls on the GCTU affiliates to observe this holiday in a broad and active way.

The current world developments, the financial and economic crisis, and the complicated social situation in our countries require that trade unions come together and unite their efforts for the sake of achieving such common aims as the improvement of workers and veterans living standards, development of genuine democracy, and protection of their members legitimate rights and interests.

The GCTU Council appeals to its affiliates to come out on May Day for:

  • decent pay and decent work;
  • preservation of, and an increase in, the number of jobs and social guarantees;
  • minimum wages not lower than the subsistence minimum;
  • normal pension, not a pension benefit;
  • full observance of workers rights and trade union freedoms: and
  • stronger unity of trade union ranks and trade union solidarity.